Accents? Mais oui!

When I decided to become a voice actor, I knew that my discerning ear for picking up accents could be beneficial. Ever since I can remember, I have been able to switch to another accent when speaking, just for the fun of it. When I visit a place with a different language/accent, I have noticed that I tend to absorb the accent and use it quite well. I can also speak/read certain foreign languages very well. For instance, when I was in England a few years ago, I was speaking some rudimentary French with a colleague of mine, and he commented on my good accent. I love being able to do that!

There are so many accents in the world, but I mainly concentrate on being able to speak those I am most familiar with: British English, Irish, German, French, Russian, US Southern, American (my native tongue), among others.

In the examples below, I am speaking in English, but using different accents. Listen:

I don’t think I will ever get tired of trying out and learning different accents!

I hope you've enjoyed this blog! Bye 'til next time...